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How Embroidery Digitizing Adds Value to Your Business

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 13 June 2012 · 414 views

Have you ever wondered how images get replicated on various textures, caps and branded apparels? The answer is ‘embroidery digitizing’. Normally, the word embroidery conjures a very traditional method of sewing fabrics. Embroidery digitizing is a creative and tedious process, wherein a software is used to convert an image or text into stitches...


Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 06 January 2012 · 397 views

1. SAGE MOBILE: SAGE is the first one to allow distributors to research products on smartphones. You can access their Project Center and view the exhibitors at a tradeshow while you are out of the office. It seems though that you would need to be connected to the internet to access any information. You also need to have a subscription to Sage Online, so while downloading the app is free, using it is not. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-h_PMgl1KF1s/Tun33SIqqAI/AAAAAAAAATM/IXLVgvaYzdQ/s320/mobile.png 2. AWSOME DIRECTORY: AWSome Directory is a free tool for promotional distributors from Artwork Services. Distributors can call, email, map, see booth nos., and connect to websites. It means you don’t need to remember anything, all the information is right there at your fingertips. There are offers, specials and coupons from suppliers that can be seen right before calling them. The contact book works without a data connection and the app doesn’t need any subscription. It also categorizes a few suppliers in the FindIt section. It is an essential communication tool, not a product search tool. AWSome is availablefor Anrdoid and Iphone & at www.awsomeapp.com 3. DROPBOX :Any file you save to Dropbox also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website. With 2GB of Data free for each account, you can easily keep your catalogs, product images, presentations, etc. accessible from anywhere. Dropbox works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. It works even when offline so that you always have your files. Dropbox transfers just the parts of a file that change (not the whole thing) but make sure to set bandwidth limits if you don’t want Dropbox won't hog your data connection4. FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN: Facebook and LinkedIn do not need any introduction. What both these services do is allow you to create your social connections online so that you can follow what your friends or business connections are doing. Be sure to choose your connections wisely and set your update settings based on the purpose of the particular account. Also use this tool to create and regularly update your company page on the go (link it with twitter), keep track what other distributors are doing, follow suppliers and access other industry resources that are on this platform.5. EVERNOTE: Evernote for iPhone lets you create notes, snap photos, and record voice memos that you can then access any time from your iPhone, computer, or the web. Instead of carrying visiting cards around that you might lose, think of scanning the visiting card on your phone with Evernote. Instead of trying to remember conversations or requirements, record them and add notes to this recording. With practice this tool is quite addictive and eventually indispensible.6. TWITTER: Twitter needs no introduction. Follow key twitter users who provide useful information. An early indicator is how many followers they have. Look at lists to which these users belong to find other influential people to follow. Tweet to provide real-time customer service, to promote your brand and give out interesting information that would make others follow you.7. SKYPE: Call, video call and instant message anyone else who is on Skype for free with Skype for your iPhone or iPod touch.8. PROMO MARKETING: Promo marketing provides product information for advertising specialty distributor salespeople. The app has monthly issues of their magazine with pictures and descriptions of promotional products, along with features on specific markets and emerging product areas.9. RED LASER: Many suppliers now have QR codes in their catalogs or other promotional materials. Some even have them on samples. We have now created entire QR code ecosystems for some progressive suppliers from sample to shipping. RedLaser is a free application to scan these QR codes and reach the corresponding web pages quickly. At the same time with Red Laser you can scan barcodes in your local Walmart or BestBuy to comparison shop and find product information on your mobile device.10. MOTIVATORS: Motivators Mobile offers distributors the convenience of their website, Motivators.com, in an easy-to-use mobile application. You can browse their selection of promotional products by category and send the details to friends or colleagues.Also check out, ZOOM CATALOG: There is another native app that is available but is not a free app. Browse, search, and share promotional product supplier catalogs with the ZOOMcatalog App. The ZOOMcatalog app and helps you find and share promotional products and ideas in your office or sales meetings through a host of supplier catalogs. The list of supplier catalogs included in the app is here: www.zoomcatalog.com/alpha.

Why we are the most preferred Service Providers for the Promotional Industry

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 13 December 2011 · 213 views

A big THANK YOU for those who participated in the survey. Hope you enjoyed our special gift.Your choices only reaffirm our faith in providing you better services, top quality & affordable pricing.  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-nwNKfh4SRXk/TuCDe_6tbUI/AAAAAAAAARE/pPDDSi99OZo/s320/2.jpg  http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8SoCWEb_yqM/TuCDmbd8URI/AAAAAAAAARQ/p9itSXM...

'Go ahead' with Virtual Samples

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 28 June 2011 · 270 views

Have you ever wanted to show a customer what their logo will look like on a product you are selling? A Virtual Sample is the answer.See any product with your logo on it through the virtual sample and get your ‘go ahead’ immediately. It’s far better than going through the old procedure of manufacturing a dummy product, sending it to your client, and then wait for an approval. Too much time, money and effort is wasted on this unnecessary procedure.Creating a virtual sample is not just placing a logo on any product. Imprint rules, colour rules, location rules and indeed final image quality are all to be considered before creating the perfect virtual sample.AWS has worked with over 300 suppliers and understood the uniqueness of each product and imprint method. Our skilled Photoshop artists take care to ensure that the final virtual sample generated is as close to the finished product that will be produced.Through our innovative virtual sampling system, you can choose products, colours, and logos. Then, in just a few seconds, you can view a complete, customized virtual sample bearing your company logo. It's a quick, easy, and fun way to see exactly what your promotional product will look like when your order is filled. With the rise in demand of promotional products, the need for virtual samples is increasing. There is little time for the actual dummy product. So ask for your virtual samples right away. It costs less and proves valuable!...

Summer Time!!

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 27 June 2011 · 244 views

Finally, it’s the time to get ready for the summer heat!! As per the calendar, the summer season does not begin until 21st June, but in most places summer has already set in. With the heat on the rise, it’s the best time to get your summer saviors.Well, the promotional industry gives you a range of customized promotional products to choose from. Imprint your cool summer logo on your water bottles, towels, picnic bags, hats and various other summer products.Temperatures could rise up to 100 degrees, so it’s best that you’re prepared!! Enjoy these sunny days with comfortable summer apparels digitally embroidered with your company logo. It’s a great way to promote your company on a sunny day out. Take full advantage of all the summer offers available and get your trendy summer apparels at the best prices. You can avail A.W.S. summer offers as well to get the best deals this season.I came across these great tips to use this time devoted to enjoying the summer and increasing your business:    * Stay hydrated at all times with your customized summer water bottle.    * Summer is the time to visit the beach. So wear your embroidered beach apparel and carry your  promotional towel along.    * Imprint your logo on the famous summer tote to carry for picnics or to the beach.    * To protect your loved ones from the sun, you can gift them sunscreen cream / lotion with your  company logo on the tube.    * You can also gift Picnic Baskets, BBQ sets, Golf kits, Camping Gear kits, Caps, Goggles, etc.You can come up with various other ways to enjoy the summer and promote your business. All you need is the right logo on the right products. Create your fun summer logo right away with A.W.S. and avail the great summer offers.

AWS Loyalty Program - Appreciating Customer Loyalty!

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 13 May 2011 · 236 views

With all the happenings in the promotion industry, April turned out to be a lot more engaging & busy. We introduced some interesting offers at AWS, which got great responses from our customers. Progressing ahead with the same momentum, AWS brings in one more special offer to show appreciation to its customer namely – ‘AWS Loyalty Program’.Just as prom...

Test your Promotional knowledge!!

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA, 12 May 2011 · 208 views

A.W.S. brings to you another round of fun and games through their online contest . All you need to do is answer questions related to the promo industry and in return win fabulous prizes. So keep up-to-date with the promotional market traits and remember to answer all questions correctly to qualify for the exciting lucky draw.The online contest is open to...

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