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Promotion items and services

Posted by josephxu in josephxu's Blog, 11 May 2015 · 31 views

Do you think Products are more important than Services? But I think service is more important than items. When you produced a good item, you have to sole it, and QC and shipping and after-sales service. If a company only selling and not attention their services, any guys will come back?

Wind Spinner Things

Posted by Maggie in Wind Spinner Thing, 28 August 2014 · 157 views

What are these called? The name on the spinner thing is no longer in business.
They come flat and the concentric circles twist to make it 3D-like.

(this is my first post - don't know if i did it right)


Help finding a Website

Posted by randolphint in randolphint's Blog, 30 July 2013 · 349 views

There used to be a website where we could go & create a virtal proof of almost any product, with a client's logo. I cannot find that website. Can anyone help?

New clients: Asking the right questions

Posted by havepromos in havepromos.com, 25 July 2013 · 385 views

New clients: Asking the right questions
One lesson learnt from a decade of coaching is the power and value of questions. Are you asking the right questions?


Posing carefully selected questions is particularly essential in the developm...

How Embroidery Digitizing Adds Value to Your Business

Posted by ArtworkServicesUSA in ArtworkServicesUSA Official Blog, 13 June 2012 · 413 views

Have you ever wondered how images get replicated on various textures, caps and branded apparels? The answer is ‘embroidery digitizing’. Normally, the word embroidery conjures a very traditional method of sewing fabrics. Embroidery digitizing is a creative and tedious process, wherein a software is used to convert an image or text into stitches...

A Better Business Networking Introduction Speech

Posted by advalliance in Crooks: PromoReThink, 24 May 2011 · 564 views

Networking event introductions are some of the most boring communication on the face of the planet. Everyone tries to impress the listener in :60 second or less on how great they are.If you're looking for something fresh, interesting and EFFECTIVE to say while introducing yourself at a networking event - consider a slight change in mindset. Normally,...

Open Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown

Posted by Brad White in Brad's Blog, 08 March 2011 · 425 views

http://whitethreads.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/jerry-button.jpg Dear Governor Brown,Last week, in an attempt to ease California’s budget deficit, you ordered state agencies to stop using promotional products to as a means to market their programs and services.  I was born in California and lived there for 25 years – I certainly understand the mess the st...

Our store here on SellPromos

Posted by Admin in SellPromos - Company Blog, 01 March 2011 · 461 views

We've received a few emails about the new store here on SellPromos and we just wanted to share a little bit about it.The goal is really simple. The store will serve as a hub for our different offerings here on the site. You can purchase memberships, advertising packages and even domain names and downloadable business forms! We hope to get it loade...

The Holiday Sales Dilemna

Posted by promomanagers in Blog 12967, 22 November 2010 · 376 views

We've thought long and hard about getting into the Black Friday game but there appears to be no effective way to do it. Most B2B opportunities will fall flat with a huge percentage of the working population off on that day and focus mainly on personal shopping. Some online distributors do report that Friday is fairly busy but most suppliers are closed and...

Custom Magic 8 Ball, Classic Magic 8 ball, Magic 8 ball (7cm)

Posted by Pioneerpromo in Promotional Items,Promotional Products China Wholesale, 05 October 2009 · 633 views

Custom Imprinted Magic 8 Balls, Promotional Magic Eight Balls  with 7cm ( about 2.75'')  http://it52fg.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pMMlDt_84PFzOJ9EadCclVaFmfsxgfJxunTXjpoELId4QEhl5cczi15DJr-mISerM4gOoCE5ApkgxoiCTSceXbKLFgVlonzPX/Magic%208%20ball%207cm%2001.jpg  http://it52fg.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pPeDPzQlM7oYloPdRK2PL3T9jhREJs7JvE-wMWAo9wGd-dTd6UYBlp7Yh7Fq8...

Giving birth to a new idea and raising it to production

Posted by keyfobber1 in Blog 9686, 12 November 2008 · 386 views

Wednesday, Novemeber 11, 2008  Giving birth to a new idea and raising it to production   Have you ever needed a solution to a need or problem and while you were trying to figure out how you are going to get the job done, a light bulb goes on inside your head and you say "I wonder if this has ever been invented" to solve your problem.Most of us usually sto...

Who's Who at Catania

Posted by catania in Blog 9859, 05 November 2008 · 413 views

Here are some of the people who make sure our customers are happy, and continue to business with us:Vince Frank - PresidentTrisha Frank - Vice PresidentJim Mucha - General ManagerBarb Toncler - Customer ServiceBecky Hawkins - Customer ServiceOzzie Krems - Graphic ArtistLinda Ivanoff - Graphic ArtistGreg Bruno - Sales Jen Burger - Marketing/Sales Assistant

Here is my real blog

Posted by jonathan in Promotional Products, 28 October 2008 · 346 views

Promotional Products for Marketing Professionals

Metal Airplane Shape Paperclips

Posted by actionadvg in Blog 5494, 23 October 2008 · 349 views

I could use some help locating metal airplane shape paperclips.  I need them bulk, but would possibly take them a few in cellophane.  I don't want an assortmant pack of different shapes.Thank you ahead of time, if you can help me !!!

Production Ready Vector Artwork

Posted by cmadave in Blog 9609, 15 October 2008 · 354 views

How often do you find yourself looking for Artwork? If you said at least once a month, I have the Solution for you www.actionartclub.com  call me and I will give you more information on what we have to offer. Dave Harrington Action Illustrated7655 E. Redfield Rd. Suite#6Scottsdale, Az 85260Toll Free 866-696-8403, Ext. 1912

Get Your Ornament Orders in ASAP

Posted by pinline in Blog 2435, 26 September 2008 · 352 views

Just a friendly nudge - The Production schedule is getting VERY full - faster than usual.  So we want to encourage everyone to get their pewter ornament , suncatcher  and dangler  orders in as soon as possible.  Please nudge your customers now to try and minimize the stress later.  ThanksDave

Fantasy Football for DTers

Posted by biggerfish in It's the BiggerBlogger!, 27 July 2008 · 295 views

In case you missed it, I posted a note about the DT Fantasy Football league I started on nfl.com.See the details here:http://www.distributortalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12903

Penn State Football

Posted by jacquez in Blog 1320, 24 July 2008 · 316 views

Season tickets arrived today!  All you Penn Staters on DT would love to hear from you on this blog!

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